11 days to go

Eeek!  Time is running out.  Only 11 days to go and I am getting nervous.  Not much I can really do now though, is there.  The hard training is done.  I don’t think anything I do over the next 11 days is going to make much difference.

Tapering is a strange thing.  I went out for a run at lunch time today.  I had planned on doing five miles but estimated the distance wrong and ended back at the start point after 4 miles.  Normally, I would go on and do another mile.  If I had planned to do five, I would do five.  Tapering seems to have given me a mental licence to cut corners.  Today, I thought, “meh, what difference will it make now”.  And so I stopped after four miles, just because I thought I could.  This is very unlike me.  I don’t know what came over me.

Usually, when I’m out running, the problem is getting me to stop.  If I plan to do five, I will do a minimum of five.  When I get to five, if my watch says 42.30 I will need to keep running to get the time up to 45.00.  Its not good to finish on an uneven point in the clock, is it?  Of course, when I get to 45 minutes, the distance is now 5.25 miles and you can’t really finish quarter way through a mile, can you?  And so it goes on ….  I count when I run – every stride.  800 strides per mile = 8.30 minute mile pace, 700 strides per mile = 7.45 minute mile pace.  I count down every mile.  Its good for the focus and helps to push me through when it starts to get painful.  When it gets really tough, I just keep going 100 strides at a time ….

2,800 strides done today … just 20,800 to get through on 26 May … good grief … when you put it like that!!

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